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Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Navigating the health and fitness industry can be really challenging when it comes to staying healthy, fit, lean, strong, and stress-free…

Everyday new research seems to be coming out alongside the news outlets and social media networks pumping out new “information” at you almost every hour.

Who’s right?

What’s a myth, and what is the truth?

Personally, I’ve been known to repeat the phrase “Nutrition is NOT a belief system” because when it comes to understanding our body, I don’t rely on emotional attachments or magical thinking. I rely on real evidence, real experience, and using the scientific method to determine what’s really happening inside our bodies.

Tune into today’s Garner Report for the first episode ever recorded where I explain the facts and fallacies behind the age-old argument of… do carbs make you fat?

Enjoy the show!

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