Walk the Walk

//Walk the Walk

There are many characteristics that all truly great coaches have, and one of these traits is that the coach models the same actions that he or she would expect from their clients.
The “do as I say and not as I do” type of coaching will roadblock the trust a client has in their coach, even if it’s unconsciously. But in the other context, when a client knows and feels that the coach is applying the same level of high-performance demands on them self, that is a trust building / motivating action, even unconsciously again. That client will be further driven because of the coach’s own personal drive.

A good coach should not just prescribe a training and nutrition regime for the client to follow, but actually be an illustration of how to be disciplined and responsible in terms of what they expect from themselves. Often times, the high-level clients are just as much in need of actions to model as they are the actual training and nutrition program. Where better to learn these actions and habits than your coach?
Walking the way you talk means bringing the qualities of character to the table that you expect out of your clients. Diet and training are not just in the physical world, it’s also mental and emotional. If you’re a coach and you haven’t been where your client is, they know deep down you can’t relate to them in any true way. Studying and learning are not the same as knowing and doing.

In all reality, the greatest way to present your passion towards your profession is to actually apply what you prescribe. When you walk the way you talk, you leave your clients wanting to emulate the same level of commitment and preparation. A coach should never underestimate how much louder your actions speak than your words.

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