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How Lean Is Too Lean?

Today, I want to dive into the controversial topic that is: How Lean Is Too Lean?

We are going to be diving into:

  • What is body fat percentage?
  • How should we be measuring body fat percentage?
  • What happens to your physiology as you get leaner?
  • How lean is too lean for men?
  • How lean is too lean for women?
  • What happens to a women’s menstrual cycle during dieting, and why do some women never lose their cycle while others do?
  • What conclusions can we draw about what’s healthy to maintain for life?

If you want real, science-based answers on the above questions, you’re going to want to tune in this week and get caught up.

And since getting leaner is the most popular goal in the entire health and fitness industry, it’s definitely worth looking into what the real data has to say. Tune in to today’s Garner Report and hear everything you need to know about your body fat levels.

Enjoy the show!

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